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Jakob's Vision

Jakob always had an immense passion for drawing. Starting at a young age, you’d often find Jakob quietly sketching his favorite animals.  Jakob had a deep love and respect for animals. He was especially talented at drawing his favorite animals - elephants, giraffes, and hippos.  As he became a young man, his creativeness led him to experiment with sketching buildings, characters, and the intricate details of human features.
Jakob also had a keen eye for fashion. He loved keeping up with the latest fashion trends when it came to sneakers, clothing, and top of the line brands. Jakob always envisioned himself making a brand name of his own.  You could see how clearly he was focused on this dream when he went to L.A. for treatment and was able to visit Rodeo Drive. He even chose his wish for Make -a -Wish Foundation to travel to a popular athletic headquarters and design a sneaker of his own. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to fulfill his last wish.  His dream now remains with his family.  Jakob harnessed his dope sense of style and his love of animals as his inspirations for creating what he envisioned the Hwangstrong branding should be. Even while he was battling cancer, he never lost his passion or his creative drive. We are excited to use Jakob’s sketches and designs as the brand design for The Hwangstrong Foundation so that the public may enjoy them the way we have. He would have loved to see the entire process of using his sketches on clothing and other merchandise. We believe we have made him proud with the end product branding for Hwangstrong. We sincerely hope you all can get the same comfort and happiness from owning a piece of Jakob’s art.

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